By Tony Lopez

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — From fancy drinks to bizarre burgers, there are close to two-dozen restaurants and fast-food places that have items you can order that aren’t on the menu.

For $12, you can get a quesarito from Chiplotle—that’s a cheese quesadilla that’s wrapped around your burrito.

How about something to wash that down? Starbucks has a Fruity Pebble frappuccino and a tall liquid cocaine. The frappuccino is just like it sounds, while the liquid cocaine is four shots of espresso, four pumps of white chocolate syrup, ice and milk.

But if liquid cocaine isn’t an intense enough name for you, there’s the suicide burger at Burger King. That’s four patties with four slices of cheese. If you prefer your suicide burgers sans cow, they also offer it with veggie patties too.

Not on the menu is a patty melt at Five Guys, adding bacon at KFC, and more than half a dozen off-the-menu options at Jamba Juice.

Of course there’s the protein-style cheeseburger at In-N-Out that comes wrapped in lettuce without a bun, or the well-done fries that are cooked extra long, and an extra-large shake to wash it down.

But not every place knew about their secret menu items.

Taco Bell didn’t know about the cheesarito with melted cheese, scallions and taco sauce wrapped up in a soft tortilla.

And McDonald’s didn’t clear our request for a land, sea and air burger for landing—that one is a hamburger, chicken patty and a filet o’ fish wrapped up in one.

Not all of the options are meant to send you to an early grave, or at least to the cardiologist for a scolding.

Panera Bread has a power chicken hummus bowl and a power Mediterranean salad roasted turkey salad that’s not on the menu.

Find more secret dining options

secret menu options


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