DAVIS (CBS13) — A day after more than 100 patients were evacuated from their nursing home after a power surge caused a fire, patients and staff are picking up the pieces with help from the community.

Officials say on Thursday night, power lines in the area fell down near the Davis Healthcare Center, causing a power surge in the home.

“It’s something you always plan for, and it’s never something you’d think would happen,” said Aaron Edmunds with Plum Healthcare Group.

The ensuing fire, though put out quickly, meant it was time to transport all 101 patients out of the home and into new facilities in the area. Fire crews and dozens of ambulances showed up to help with transporting, and some more help came too.

“Nursing homes not affiliated with us came sent us nursing staff and sent us administrators, help their vans, whatever we needed they were willing to help,” Edmunds said.

But it wasn’t just transporting the patients, it was also their belongings.

“We sent our patients really with clothes on their backs and socks on their feet,” he said.

That’s where Ikea came in. Staff asked for help and the company stepped up.

“The manager at Ikea stepped up and said, ‘Actually, know what? Here’s 250 of our big blue bags you can have, no charge,’” Edmunds said.

Staff spent the day working to pack the bags with each of the patients’ belongings to be taken to them. A little bit of comfort in a difficult situation.

There’s no time frame on when the nursing home will reopen.


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