Friday afternoon on the Deuce and Jason Ross Show, the guys talk about the latest on Donald Sterling and why he is allowing his wife to negotiate the forced sale of the Clippers. They touch on how much this team is going for and why Arseno Hall is trying to raise money to buy the Clippers.

The guys talk about the NBA playoffs and how Serge Ibaka is now day-to-day with his calf injury. Deuce and J-Ross touch on what this might mean for OKC and why Gregg Popovich said, “We knew he’d be back.”

It’s Memorial Day weekend so Deuce, J-Ross and Morgan go over their favorite movie heroes and heroins of all time! Listeners call in and guess Deuce and Jason’s sleeper hero choices for a prize and share their favorite movie heroes with the gang!

Krukow accuses Tulo of stealing signs, he said “there’s no way you can hit like that for this long.” In response to those comments, Tulowitzki changed his walk-up music to “I saw the Sign” during Thursday’s game. The guys talk about Krukow being in the wrong and talk to fans about stealing signs.


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