SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A new study has found Sacramento is one of the most dangerous cities as it has the 15th highest number of pedestrians traffic deaths in the country.

Beverly Brown, who works downtown, says she sees people get hit all the time.

“One of my best coworkers got hit by a bus and was killed, so I see it all the time,” she said.

The study by Smart Growth America compared the number of walkers killed to the number of people who walk to work. They found the Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville area was ranked 23 out of 25 metro cities with 390 pedestrian deaths.

We called the California Highway Patrol and Sacramento Police Department. The police say the numbers don’t add up and don’t think the report is a fair representation. They also say there is no exact intersection in the city where they see a high percentage of people getting struck.

But they say they problem seems to be pedestrians trying to cross the street mid-block instead of at the intersection. As a result, drivers aren’t expecting them.

The CHP though says they are seeing more pedestrian and bicyclist accidents every day.

We stopped by an intersection that’s typically heavy with traffic at Madison Avenue and Hillsdale Boulevard. We saw one man follow the rules, waiting until it was his turn to cross. But there was another man weaving his bike through traffic.

Danielle Silverisen works near the intersection and says she sees a lot of close calls every day.

“Everybody’s always honking, someone is almost getting ran over,” she said.


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