CARMICHAEL (CBS13) – A thief has taken away a piece of history away from Carmichael resident Kreig Moore.

“I can get another tuba, that will play just fine, but it won’t be this tuba,” Moore said. “That’s what its value is to [me]. It’s the way it plays.”

The tuba was taken right from Moore’s garage. He set it down, walked inside his home, walked back out, and it was gone.

“Whatever you wanted to do with it, it’s not worth it,” Moore said.

Moore had strong words for the person who took his prized possession.

“I’ve never seen another one just like it, anywhere,” More said.

And now it’s gone.

“I’m just hoping it wasn’t somebody who wanted it for its metal, because it’s worth far more than that,” Moore said.

Moore got the tuba as a graduation gift from his father. It’s one of four ever made by Ed Kruspe in Germany, a man that focused on making French horns.

“This was handmade by somebody in 1902; that’s a long time ago,” Moore said.

The rare, 112-year-old tuba was once played by Moore’s director, Owen Fleming, a prodigy who played in a symphony at the age of 16. Moore got his hands on the tuba 40 years ago, and it hasn’t left his side since.

“And I just hate to see something like that disappear for a bit of brass,” Moore said.

Moore asks the person who took it to simply return it, no questions asked. He’s also offering a reward to whoever returns it.


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