SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The music brings crowds, and the crowds bring in a lot of cash.

“It’s great for my business; it’s like the busiest time of year for us,” said Darrin Kreb of Candy Heaven.

The Sacramento Music Festival is far one of the busiest weekends in Old Sacramento.

“The music, the people – it’s the best thing in Sacramento,” said Gail Hoberman, a volunteer for the festival.

It’s also a huge money maker for Old Sacramento spots like the River City Saloon.

“Sales are up the first night, and we’re looking for an increase all weekend,” said Sean Derfield of River City Saloon.

Ticket sales are up 40-percent, as well.

Once called the Dixieland Jazz Jubilee, the Sacramento Music Festival now welcomes a diverse array of music.

“There are so many different styles of music out here. Whether you’re a country fan a rock fan, a blues fan [or] a jazz fan, you’re going to find those bands here,” said Mike Testa from the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The broader range of music has brought in a more diverse crowd – and more spending.

“The music festival has been changing over the years, definitely for the better a younger crowd. A saloon like this, it’s definitely helping bring people down that appreciate jazz and other music,” Derfield said.

The festival continues through Monday.


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