By Tony Lopez

WILTON (CBS13) — They are two local horses with a special connection to a possible Triple Crown winner.

You can’t simply see it in their stroll, there’s no way to tell by their trot, and hearing them is no giveaway either.

But these retired racehorses in eastern Sacramento County have something in their blood that’s given them big-time bragging rights.

Billie, 8, and Baretta, 19, are cousins of California Chrome—who has already won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes—complete with white socks and a blaze. The marking is known as a chrome in the the horse world.

They’re related through Northern Dancer, another horse who nearly won the Triple Crown in 1964.

Billie and Baretta’s owners are hoping that “nearly” part skips generations.

These horses take their connection in stride, as neither of the thoroughbreds was destined for the same stardom as their cousin.

Billie was so slow, she never made a start. Baretta ran more than a half-dozen races, finishing no higher than fifth.

Will California Chrome’s place in history raise the value of these horses and their offspring? Probably not.


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