ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville high school was up for sale at a price that would be a steal of a deal, had it not been a senior prank.

A sign and fliers went up at Oakmont High School advertising the 20-acre property with 20 bathrooms, tennis courts, basketball courts and a cleaning staff for the low price of $2,014.

The For Sale sign went up sometime on Monday morning right underneath the school’s digital billboard.

Students may have pulled off the prank, but the real mastermind was a mom.

Jessica Holden’s daughter is a senior at the school who picked her mom’s brain for pranks. Jessica said she didn’t mind helping, as long as her daughter didn’t get into trouble.

Oakmont sophomore Jared Andrade says school leaders warned students they wouldn’t put up with pranks after some destructive ones.

“They’ve been pretty bad the last few years,” he said. “I remember a couple years ago they actually chainsawed a tree in half.”

But Jessica says the idea of selling the school for $2,014 was all in good fun for the class of 2014.

Unfortunately, the sign fell in the hot sun. But Jessica says she’s got the rest of the week to plan part 2.

Jessica says her daughter brought the idea to the student body, but she’s not sure who actually put up the sign. Her daughter says she didn’t do it, because if she had, it would’ve looked more realistic.


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