VALLEJO (CBS13) — A new water ride opening at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom uses nearly 100,000 gallons of water, but park staffers say they’re actually conserving water with this ride and other measures.

The Tsunami Soaker pits riders against each other, each armed with a water cannon.

“The whole floor of the ride drops, and then water fills up,” said Nancy Chan with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

But the staff says not much water is wasted in the pool.

“Between cycles, the guns are all inactive, so nobody can really go crazy with the water squirters,” said maintenance director Jim Fend.

And between ride,s the perforated floor covers the water surface.

“That will save us a lot on the evaporation standpoint,” Fend said.

Aside from the water leaving on the clothes of drenched riders, all the water is recirculated and cleaned through an industrial filtration system.

“We constantly monitor the pH of the water and the chlorine content,” he said.

The park is also focused on conserving water, upgrading bathroom fixtures to low-flow ones, landscaping with more drought-resistant plants and converting to a drip system to water those plants.

“Our irrigation controllers basically sense moisture in the air,” he said. “Rain sensors, wind sensors, and they will adjust accordingly.”

They’re changes that allow the park to open up its third water ride just in time for summer.

The ride was open to VIPs on Wednesday, and will be open to the public on Saturday.