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Friday on the Deuce and Jason Ross Show the guys talk about the Oakland A’s struggles as they lose six of their last eight games. Jim Johnson is booed again and Josh Reddick not putting up numbers the Athletics need. The guys talk to listeners and debate what they should do with Johnson.

The Heat fell to the Pacers 93-90 Wednesday night, during the game Lance Stephonsen used a ear blowing tactic on LeBron that has now gone viral. The guys talk about mind games in sports and debate with listeners if ear blowing is ever ok.

Oakland A’s broadcaster Shooty Babitt joins Deuce and Jason Ross to talk about the A’s. He talks about fans booing Jim Johnson and how some guys like Johnson just can’t perform under those circumstances.

Former Giants pitcher Kirk Rueter joins Deuce and Jason Ross to talk about the San Francisco Giants season.He talks about Buster Posey not playing again due to back issues, but says not to worry because it’s still early that the Giants are just being cautious with him.