GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) — Fifteen people were arrested in a major drug bust at a motel in Grass Valley that neighbors and police say has long been a trouble spot.

Police initially went to the motel for a report of people being in a room that was supposed to be vacant. They ended up with a big bust, drugs, guns and even a mysterious trap door.

It is quite a haul for Grass Valley police officers who say they discovered meth, drug paraphernalia and guns, including a pistol-grip shotgun and a rifle.

Cops went room to room early Friday at the Holiday Lodge on Main Street. They rounded up suspect after suspect, many on probation and previously known to police.

Included in the 15 arrests was the hotel manager, who police believe had knowledge of the criminal activity.

In the corner of one room, police say they discovered a trapdoor that led to a maintenance garage beneath the motel. Cops say they found a crawlspace between the garage ceiling and motel floor. They believe it was used to hide drugs, or even people.

“It’s really a sore spot in the city,” said Ken Hull who owns a nearby business. “Somebody needs to do something.”

His first words to CBS13 were that they should “burn the place down” after all the trouble that’s happened.

Hull is happy to hear of the arrests, but says the alleged drug activity is nothing new.

“What I’d like to see is a little more attention on this motel, because it’s just been a hangout for a long time. Many, many arrests here,” he said.

The future of that motel is up in the air, as police found numerous code violations.