Former Giants pitcher Bill Laskey joins Deuce and Jason Ross to talk about some Bay area baseball. Laskey talks about the Giants  and how they usually start off slow in the beginning of the season but have been playing at high level. He says, if they can keep this up consistently they are on their way to going deep into the playoffs. He touches on Michael Morse and why Giants manager Bruce Bochy took a chance on him.

Tim Lincecum pitches inconsistency but does a great job of not giving up any runs, Laskey said. He talks about it coming down to a win, loss situation and Lincecum is giving the team what they want from their pitching staff.

He talks about Buster Posey’s health and how it’s not a concern for the Giants, yet. He says they are taking it in baby strides, not knowing the severity of it, and that sitting Posey is more precautionary.