By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Local animal lovers will soon have a new way to say goodbye to their beloved pets in a new building ready to store pets’ ashes.

From hamster to horse, canary to cat, python to pooch, you will soon be able to come to the Sacramento SPCA and visit your beloved pet any time after they depart in friendship.

The Pet Columbarium will give a final resting spot for the ashes of your fluffy friend.

“It’s very exciting, because as I said, many of our members had been asking for something like this,” said Sacramento SPCA CEO Rick Johnson.

It won’t be just for members. Anyone who is willing to pay the $600 to $800 price tag, not including cremation, can buy a space.

“It’s a very little price to pay to be able to visit your pet 15, 20 years down the road,” he said.

Soon, it will be giving people access to grieve in an upscale bereavement setting.

150 spots will be available when the facility opens in the summer, but the SPCA says it expects to expand.


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