SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — In-home care providers from around the state converged on the Capitol to send a message about proposed cuts.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal calls for cuts to overtime hours for those workers and limiting them to 40 hours a week.

That would mean patients and senior citizens would have to find the cash for care somewhere else.

“For me, it would take away my dignity,” said patient Tina James.

Thousands of in-home care providers rallied around their patients on Thursday, hoping to put pressure on the governor and legislature. Some of the workers are required to help feed and dress their patients, or maybe get them to doctor’s appointments.

“We hard working people out here,” said provider David Moore. “We need help.”

According to the governor’s proposal, taxpayers don’t have the money. Currently, providers are paid the same wage for any overtime hours. But starting in 2015, a new federal law will require time-and-a-half for each overtime hour.

Brown says the state would potentially take a $600 million hit from that change.

But people at the Capitol on Thursday asked the governor to be creative and find the money.

Supporters of in-home care say they’re going to continue pressuring Brown as he makes his budget decision in the coming days.


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