SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Friday’s commute into Downtown Sacramento could be one of the slowest ever seen as the final phase of the Fix 50 project begins.

The last phase of the project to fix Highway 50 will close down more exits and connectors than the previous one.

The transition between westbound phases 1 and 2 started on Thursday night, and Caltrans expect heavy delays just for that alone.

But what will make things more difficult for commuters this time around are the ramp and connector closures. The heavily used connector ramp from the Capital City Freeway to Westbound 50 will be closed, as well as the 16th Street offramp.

Traffic that would ordinarily be heading westbound on 50 from the Capital City Freeway will instead be routed to join an already strained Highway 50 further up the road.

Caltrans recommends drivers budget at least an extra 30 minutes for their commute.

On the plus side, this previous phase is the third one to finish ahead of schedule, meaning crews may not need the 15 days slated to complete the final phase.


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