By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As the final phase of Fix 50 gets started, another major highway project is beginning on Friday night along a portion of Interstate 5.

Caltrans is calling this project Sac Decked Out.

“This kind of ended up in a perfect storm if you will and we’re doing our best to make it work,” said Clark Perrie with Caltrans.

The work will be done on nights and weekends starting on June 7. Crews will repair and replace the bridge decks, ramps and connectors on a portion of Interstate 5 between L Street and Richards Boulevard, and the Pioneer Bridge area of Highway 50 between Jefferson Boulevard and Third Streets.

Starting on Friday night, the two inside northbound lanes of Interstate 5 between L Street and Richards Boulevard will be shut down to repair crumbling concrete.

“They’re showing extensive wear, so this will prolong the life of each of the bridge decks by us taking care of it now,” said Deanna Shoopman.

The good news is the lane closures will only happen on nights and weekends, something commuter Cindy Kazani was happy to hear.

“I think we have a crumbling infrastructure, and so i think that’s important to fix,” she said.

It’s also important to do now while Caltrans has federal funding for it.

The Highway 50 portion of the project was going to take place at the same time as the Fix 50 project, but Caltrans agreed to delay the start of that portion until August.


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