WOODLAND (CBS13) — Woodland neighbors are taking to social media in hopes of saving a restaurant owner from his new landlord.

Charlie Chu, the owner of Corkwood Restaurant, has been told by landlord Salvatore Muzzi to move out now.

Chu has been in business at the restaurant for the past 33 years. He considers his customers his family, and he says it’s that family that is trying to keep him in business.

“We’ve been here ever since he started,” said customer Joann Dahl.

Chu was served with a notice from his new landlord: Saturday is his last day. Muzzi bought the building back in March and opened a bowling alley next door. Chu asked if he could stay, but the landlord said no.

“I’ve given him 60 days 60 days ago,” Muzzi told CBS13 in a phone interview.

He says Chu has to go, because he’s expanding his bowling alley and needs the space.

“I be the one who buy this place, and I own this place, and I can do anything I want to do,” Muzzi said.

Now, many of Chu’s faithful customers have taken to social media, creating a Facebook page supporting the Corkwood Restaurant owner, as well as starting a countywide petition to hopefully change the owner’s mind.

“I don’t know how to use Facebook,” Chu said.

They’re hoping to put pressure on Muzzi to back down.

“Talk around town is they’re going to boycott the new owner,” said customer Chad Hornbuckle.

Muzzi says it’s not personal it’s just business.

“Charlie’s got to go! I need the space,” he said. “I have nothing against Charlie. I have nothing against nobody.”

Chu hopes to take the issue to civil court to buy him some time. Meanwhile, Muzzi says if Chu doesn’t move out, he will consult his attorneys about his legal options.

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