STOCKTON (CBS13) — A hair thief was not only caught on camera in Stockton, but she also left her ID at the crime scene.

Surveillance cameras showed the woman’s alleged heist from several angles. The owner of Cathy’s Beauty Supply Store was in a tangle with the woman trying to get away with a purse full of stolen hair extensions.

Andy Hyun says his security cameras caught the woman shoving the packs of hair extensions into her purse.

But when he confronted her at the back of the store with his stun gun, she managed to break free, leaving the purse behind.

Inside the purse was a woman’s ID, Social Security card, as well as two other Social Security cards police believe are for different people.

Stockton Police identify the ID was Tashiana Scott, the same woman believed to be in the video.

“Normally they bring an empty bad,” Hyun said. “I’ve never seen before. That’s very weird.”

He’s left scratching his head over the suspect’s slip-up, but he says her crime costs his small business.

“I think I’m going to quit this business, that’s how much it hurts,” he said.

He’s hoping the clues she left behind will make it easier for cops to track down the accused follicle felon.

Hyun hurt his back and knee in the scuffle. He thinks the suspect is working with a team, because she had a getaway car waiting for her.

He has a wall of shame where he posts pictures from his surveillance video of other women who have robbed his store. You can bet this alleged thief will be up there soon.


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