By Steve Large

CALAVERAS COUNTY (CBS13) — She graduated high school nearly two decades ago, but now her diploma is dragging down her career as it doesn’t carry a key accreditation needed for some state jobs.

Brooke Linsley calls it diploma deception.

“They never let us know that it wasn’t good enough,” she said.

Fourteen years after graduating from Angels Creek Community School, a home-school program in Calaveras County, is just now discovering her high-school program was not accredited.

The message came to the mother of three in the form of a rejection letter from the state. After applying to become a California corrections officer, the state dropped her from the eligibility list.

Scott Nanik, with the Calaveras County Office of Education says there is little he can do for her now.

“We’re kind of in a bind at this point,” he said.

In California, all school accreditations are made by a single association that verifies school standards.

“Check your schools out before you enroll in them,” he said. “Not every school in California is accredited.”

Linsley went to accredited Bret Harte High School her first two years of high school, but chose homeschooling for her junior and senior years.

“I wasnt doing the greatest in school on my grades, and I thought if I did homeschool, I can make it better,” she said.

Now that choice is coming back to hurt her as she pursues a path to help her family’s future.

Linsley is filing an appeal with the state, but believes she’ll likely have to replace this unaccredited diploma with a time-consuming GED certification program.

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