SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Lad, a collie from Kentucky that was receiving a special surgery from the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, has died.

The news was posted on the Arrow Fund’s Facebook page. Lad had been shot in the mouth back in February, forcing most of his lower jaw to be removed.

Researchers used UC Davis’ new 3-D printing facility to help in the procedure to grow a new jaw for Lad. The dog’s surgery was put on hold for a time as vets waited for a bone infection to clear up.

Tuesday, the Arrow Fund announced that Lad had underwent the procedure the week before. However, over the weekend, a blood clot in Lad’s lungs developed.

The complication forced vets to put Lad on a ventilator.

Later Tuesday, the Arrow Fund announced that Lad had died.

“His lungs had become dependent on the ventilator and he threw another blood clot. As much as it pains us to say goodbye, Lad’s body could simply not endure what he was going through any longer,” the organization wrote.

Lad was said to have been in good health prior to the procedure.

The Arrow Fund writes that the pretrial for the man who allegedly shot lad, Matthew Beauchamp, will begin on June 12. Beauchamp has reportedly pleaded not guilty in the case.


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