In Folsom Median Debate, Middle Ground Is Battleground For Pedestrian Safety

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FOLSOM (CBS13) — In Folsom, the battleground is the middle ground as police say too many people are hanging out in the medians of city streets.

Police say people, sometimes panhandlers, are standing on the median, putting everyone on and off the road at risk.

Commander Perry Albers says a new law banning people from standing on the median would curb the danger. They’ve had complaints from drivers recently, some worried about panhandlers in the middle of the road.

“I would say that would be our most frequent call, someone has a sign, asking for money,” he said.

Police say it isn’t just about panhandlers. It’s about keeping everyone safe, including a kid who might be trying to get people’s attention for a fundraiser. But if the law goes through, the only legal reason for your to be on a median is if your car breaks down.

Some drivers say an all-out ban might go too far.

“I think a car wash, it’s probably OK,” said Dent Shuey. “I mean safety is important, but people being in the median, it depends how big it is.”

Others say people on the median are an unnecessary hazard on the road that needs to go.

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