GRANITE BAY (CBS13) — Neighbors are outraged after a family of Canada geese was apparently mowed down in the street.

The geese weren’t crossing the road; they happened to be in the bike lane. Either the driver wasn’t paying attention, or knew exactly what they were doing.

You don’t have to look hard to find geese in the Granite Bay neighborhood, or the people who love them.

“There was this Disney moment with the geese and the goslings and I thought, that was so spectacular where I live,” said neighbor Donja Garvey.

But it was a decidedly different kind of Disney moment that turned Garvey’s stomach on Monday. She’s convinced someone actually sped up and took aim at a family of Canada geese. All six were mowed down, with no skid marks in the area.

“It was so graphic; it was so hideous. It hit me really hard,” she said.

Shelby Booker was with her 5- and 6-year-old daughters on Monday. After pulling over and discovering the badly mutilated geese, she says her daughters didn’t eat dinner that night.

“Neighbors started coming out and everyone was really upset because we’ve grown up with them here,” Booker said. “All our kids love to see them and they’re just part of the neighborhood.”

She points out there are no skid marks, and no obvious evidence the driver tried to slow down or swerve on the usually busy, but open stretch of East Roseville Parkway.

Whoever it was, they certainly didn’t stop.

“One maybe you could see, but not all six — not a family,” she said.

“I thought this was purposeful, and as a community we need to say this is really wrong and it’s unacceptable,” Garvey said.

There are some reports it was a white sedan that hit the geese, but there’s no license plate or model info.

Placer County Animal Control says because no witnesses came forward, they’re unable to say for sure whether the animals were intentionally hit.

The incident happened between 4:30 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. on Monday, so neighbors believe someone had to have seen something.

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