Sure, my father is in prison but it doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate Father’s Day in my own way. Here’s MY list of the top father-son combos in wrestling.

The McMahon’s:

Vince and Shane may have been pivotal figures in the behind the scenes operations of the WWE but they both reached new levels of popularity in the late 90s with their in-ring performances.

Who can forget the rivalry between Vince and Austin that changed the landscape of pro wrestling? Oh, and Shane was a psycho when it came to performing wild stunts in hardcore matches.

The Rotunda’s:
This is a new addition to the list but this trio’s stock is rising. Mike Rotunda, better known as I.R.S. , is the father of two current WWE superstars.

His son Bray Wyatt has captured fame in his role in the Wyatt Family. His promos are fantastic and despite his cult leader character, he’s found a way to get a sold-out arena to sing: “He Got The Whole World In His Hands.”.

The other kid is Bo Dallas who made his WWE debut in May. I don’t count myself as a “Boliever” just yet but the Rotunda family is more than relevant in pro wrestling.

The Hennig’s:

Curt Hennig a.k.a Mr. Perfect was a cocky athlete who could do it all. His son, Curtis Axel, hasn’t exactly taken the WWE by storm but anything Mr. Perfect produced has to be considered…perfect. His vignettes were so underrated.

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