FAIRFIELD (CBS13) – Late into Saturday night, firefighters were out at a Fairfield apartment complex doing mop up work after a destructive fire.

Crews were called to the scene at some point before 7:30 p.m. for a fire that quickly grew to multiple alarms.

Firefighters said that the fire looks to have started on a lower level apartment, then spread to two other units.

The fire was doused, but firefighters said that three apartments are a total loss. A few other units also suffered water and smoke damage.

Still, all residents were able to escape from the flames unharmed. One teen CBS13 spoke to said he saved a man’s life during the chaos of the fire.

“I saw the old dude in there. [He was] out of it ‘cause of breathing all the smoke,”  Latrell McCockran said. “So I picked him up, I took him outside and I gave him some water. He was like, ‘thank you, thank you.’”

Firefighters are unsure as to what caused the fire.


Mojgan Sherkat contributed to this report.


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