SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Police say that a driver intentionally hit a bicyclist with his car, then hit two other bicyclists late Saturday night.

The incident looks to have stemmed from an argument the driver – 31-year-old Wesley Tran – had with a bicyclist earlier in the evening, according to the Sacramento Police Department.

Around 11 p.m., near 21st and L Streets, the bicyclist punctured a tire on Tran’s car, investigators say.

Tran was able to change the tire and then set off looking for the bicyclist.

Police say Tran found the bicyclist then hit him with his car. Tran then tried to get away from the scene, but he lost control of his car near 20th and L Streets and hit two other bicyclists in the area.

Officers soon arrived at the scene and arrested Tran, who was eventually booked on assault with a deadly weapon and felony DUI charges.

Police say the first bicyclist hit had a visible injury to his head. One of the other bicyclists suffered a minor injury, while the other escaped unharmed.

Tran is being held on $60,000 bail at Sacramento County Jail.

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