SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The grass at Sacramento International Airport may be greener than you’d expect during the drought, but a spokeswoman says the airport is still meeting its water-saving goals.

When you look around the airport, you’ll see patches of green grass that looks healthy and lush. But airport authorities say it’s not because of over-irrigation, but other measures.

“We’ve done it by careful use of water and optimum time,” said spokeswoman Laurie Slothower. “Late in the evening, early in the morning for reducing evaporation.

In fact, she says the airport’s water usage has gone down 30 percent over the last year. They put a priority on repairing and maintaining sprinkler and drip lines. As new landscaping comes in, it’s planted with an eye toward drought-tolerance.

“Behind you can see all this landscaping, when Terminal B went in, we took this back from asphalt, nine acres, so we have that much more water going back into the aquifer to use for irrigation,” she said.

While indoor water use can be improved through the use of low-flow toilets, outside landscaping at the airport is watered using non-potable water.

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