Tuesday afternoon on The Deuce and Jason Ross Show the guys touch on team USA beating Ghana 2-1 yesterday! They talk about soccer in the U.S and ask fans to call in with their best GOALLLL call.

DraftExpress.com’s Mike Schmitz joins the show to talk about the upcoming NBA draft, what goes into scouting the draft prospects and the process of putting them up on the website. The guys touch on other draft prospects that could be taken in the eighth spot and what players the Kings really need. Schmitz talks about ranking these guys for his website by their strengths and weakness’s and touches on how much the physical tool goes into ranking them as well.

TRUTH OR TRASH Tuesday! Morgan read statements like: LeBron will win another title, Tim Duncan will play another season and we should be concerned about the Giants losing 6 of 7. Deuce & J-Ross debate and fans help too to determine what’s truth and what’s trash.


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