DAVIS (CBS13) — A new 1,500-page report outlines the explosive risk of shipping 70,000 barrels of crude oil a day.

The plan to ship Roseville to Benicia is getting a lot of attention after six major rail car crashes in North America.

Each day the Capitol Corridor shuttles people from the valley to the Bay, but it’s a new train and what it could carry that has some here worried.

Valero wants to move 70,000 barrels of crude oil from Roseville to the Bay over these tracks each day.

“There’s already been some very tragic spills,” said Susan Rainier. “It basically ruined towns in Canada.”

She’s talking about the crude oil derailment and explosion in Quebec that killed nearly 50 people and leveled part of a town.

Rainier came to a town hall to hear more about a new report from Valero that says the risk of a large spill is low—a spill of 100 gallons or more would likely happen once every 111 years.

She says that risk is too high.

The city of Davis is against the rail plan, but is looking at the report to see how they can prepare for the chance crude oil could be rolling through the city. In reality, the city can’t stop the train, because they don’t have jurisdiction over the rails.


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