ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — According to people who know Clifford Keys, he lost his home, and was then stabbed at a homeless shelter.

If you’ve ever been in Roseville, chances are you’ve seen the Dancing Man. He’s also known as the Tissue Man.

“Everyone knows who this guy is,” said Ryan Cooley. “He’s always out there dancing on the street corner.”

LINK: Help Clifford Keys

“He’s out here everyday doing what he loves which is his tissue dance,” said Andy Willis. “He told me he does it for his arthritis.”

The father of 7, as he told a newspaper a few years ago, moved to Roseville to be next to his only son in Antelope. Almost every day of the week, you could find Clifford on street corners dancing to the music coming out of his headphones.

“I think he really like honestly lifts people’s spirits a bit,” Cooley said.

Clifford normally dances up and down Douglas Boulevard. He’s done it for years. But then one day, he was gone.

According to Christopher Arnell, a local businessman who posted a video on the Dancing Man, Clifford is disabled and recently lost his assistance check to the Franchise Tax Board.

Arnell says Clifford lost his home. And if that wasn’t enough, Arnell Claims Clifford was stabbed at a homeless shelter.

Now Arnell is hoping the community who loves the Dancing Man will help him keep his moves going.

According to Arnell, Clifford’s assistance check is $800 and his rent at his senior home was $700. Now Arnell is trying to get him into a home that costs half of that.


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