SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A surveillance video exclusively seen on CBS13 shows a woman a shop owner says paid for her things, then came back to rob the place.

As the sign says at Cigarettes and Snacks on Center Parkway in Sacramento, all sales are final. But one customer wouldn’t take no for an answer. She did, however, take something else.

“All the customers we have, they are like family to us,” said owner Rosie Singh. “We always try to make them happy.”

In the four years she’s owned her shop, Singh says she’s never had a customer like this.

A woman who Singh says started off calm, ended up committing a crime on camera.

“Really doesn’t make any sense, because we were trying to help her as much as we can,” she said.

Singh says the first-time customer came in on Monday to make a purchase. Half an hour later, the woman returned demanding a refund. She appeared not too pleased to find out about the store policy against refunds.

The woman didn’t want an exchange. She instead became increasingly agitated, and Singh says the woman hurled racial insults.

“She was running around the store screaming and yelling,” she said. “‘This is not your country. You guys don’t belong here. Go back to your country you Hindus.’”

In the middle of the argument, the woman was told to leave the store, which she did. But not before reaching across the cash register and turning it upside down, coins spilling out.

Surveillance video shows the woman scooping up the cash drawer, making off with what Singh says is $500.

“We are scared, we don’t want this to happen and we want the police to arrest that lady,” Singh said.

But she says if the woman comes back, apologizes and returns the money, no harm no foul. But she isn’t holding her breath on that one.


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