By Little Joe, KHTK Sports 1140

When asked how she is going to spend the rest of her day after shooting a 78 in the first round of the US Women’s Open, 11-year-old Lucy Li said “I’m going to eat more ice cream.”

That’s right, 11-years-old.

Lucy Li is taking over the sports world this week, and rightfully so. She’s 11-years-old and qualified for the US Women’s Open, making her the youngest qualifier ever and she was able to break 80 in her opening round at Pinehurst. Some men who were unable to break 78 last week at Pinehurst; Boo Weekly, Lucas Glover, Jamie Donaldson and Russell Henley…so yeah, not too bad of a start in her Open debut.

I’m not okay with all of this. The fact that there’s an 11-year-old girl who would beat me on her worst day, makes me sad. No, not because she’s a girl…it’s because she’s 11-years-old!

I’ve been playing golf for over 20 years and I’m lucky to hack my way to a 90, yet there’s an 11-year-old who is making headlines. I’m not crying “it’s not fair”…but come on, it’s not! I will never be on the PGA tour, but why do I continue to put myself through this? This game…it’s you, a club and a stupid little white ball, it drives me insane!

Truthfully, I love the game of golf. I love the challenge and I get that some people have God given gifts that just make them better. I know I can’t beat LeBron one-on-one, I know I can’t hit Clayton Kershaw and I know I can’t run a route on Richard Sherman. But golf, I’d like to think I can beat, or at least compete with any 11-year-old…the fact is I can’t and it sucks!

Congrats to Lucy Li and any other young brat who is better than me. I guess I’ll just get a beer and drink my frustrations away, on a golf course. Who’s with me? FOUR!!!


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