Happy Friday!

Deuce and Jason Ross start the day off talking about Joel Embiid and his most recent injury going into the NBA Draft. They debate what the Kings might do if Embiid is still available in the 8 spot and talk to listeners about would want the Kings to do.

Former Kings Center Scot Pollard joins the show to talk about the upcoming NBA draft and all the latest injury news on draft prospect Joel Embiid. Pollard says he would still take Embiid at number one in the draft and believes Cleveland should as well.”AAU basketball is corrupting youth basketball,” Pollard says. He talks about his views on youth basketball and why people need to let young athletes enjoy their sport.

Oakland A’s Announcer Ken Korach joins the show to preview tonights game against the Red Sox and talk about some Oakland A’s baseball. Korach talks about the A’s offense and how well Oakland has been playing all around. He says Sean Doolittle is establishing himself as the closer and talks about everybody else falling in line.


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