FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — A nine-hour standoff in Fairfield ended after police found the suspect dead inside a home with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police surrounded the home off of Springbrook Circle on Monday after getting reports of someone firing gunshots from a window.

Kevin Hanie was one of the first neighbors to call police when a bullet came whizzing through his dining room window as he sat down for lunch.

“I tried to go to the window to see what it was and a shot came ringing right through the window by me,” he said. “I could see the shots coming out of the top window, they went on for about 20 minutes, about 50-60 shots, sounded like a high-caliber, powerful rifle.”

Hanie says someone who lives next door to him started popping off shots just after 1 p.m. on Monday. Several rounds were fired from an upstairs window, and Hanie believes at least three of the bullets hit his home.

“You couldn’t see the barrel protruding or anything, so you can tell he was further back from the window but you did see the glass shattering and the discharge flash from the barrel,” he said.

Police and SWAT surrounded the home and made several attempts to contact the person inside, including using flash bangs and tear gas.

Nearby, neighbors were told to shelter in place and now allowed to return to their homes.

A usually peaceful neighborhood was lit up with gunfire, putting neighbors in harm’s way.

“He almost got me,” Hanie said. “I mean literally 2 feet in front of me. But theres kids in the area. Luckily they weren’t out playing today or anything.”

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