SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A California law would help dads on diaper duty by making diaper-changing stations available to both men and women in public restrooms.

Between Sean Rogers and Jennifer Henderson, dad normally wears the diaper change.

“My husband changes just as many or as more diapers that I do,” Henderson said.

If you ask the mom, she’ll say it’s much easier for her to find a diaper-changing station.

“The women’s restrooms I would say generally they normally have them,” she said.

Many times, Rogers is forced to get creative.

“You have to sometimes improvise,” he said. “You have to sit down and do it in your lap or find a corner somewhere and hope no one’s watching.”

But a proposed bill would make diaper duty equal for moms and dads in California, making changing stations available to men and women anywhere there’s a public restroom.

Doyin Richards writes a blog named Daddy Doin’ Work. He’s the father whose picture with his daughters went viral this year. He doesn’t understand businesses without changing stations for dads.

“That’s just basically saying you know what women change diapers men don’t,” he said. “I probably change 85-90 percent of my kids’ diapers.”

But he has a different solution in mind.

“I want to see progress happen. If it has to come down to a heavy-handed law, then so be it.” he said. “My preference would be using it through the consumer route by saying, ‘Hey we’re not going to give you our hard-earned money.’”

Rogers and Henderson agree if a law is necessary, but do believe it’s time everyone should recognize dad’s do diaper duty too.

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