SACRAMENTO (CBS13)- In another CBS13 exclusive, Hidden Cash has announced a second location where it left envelopes containing cash.

“State Capitol Park. All hidden and no one even noticed me. I am sure. N St. between 12th and 13th,” said Jason Buzi, the man behind Hidden Cash.

At least two envelopes containing $80 have been found by searchers at the park.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, Buzi allowed Good Day Sacramento to join his as he left 18 envelopes filled with a total of $1,600 in cash and coins near Shasta Hall on Sacramento State University Campus.

Several of the clues leading searchers to the location were revealed through CBS13 on Monday evening during the 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts.

After 7 a.m. when the final clue had been released, searchers could be seen converging on the area and began finding envelopes. Some were hidden up in trees, while others were taped to the underside of picnic tables.

Amounts of cash vary by envelope. One person tweeted that their envelope contained $102.

[View the story “Hidden Cash Comes to Sacramento” on Storify]

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