The Sacramento Kings have released information about the demolition process for a new arena in downtown.

Demolition at the site won’t happen until late next month, and the team says the public will be noticed a day or two in advance. The space affected is between Fifth and Seventh streets and J and L streets, though multiple buildings aren’t part of it, including the 660 J office building and the Marshall Hotel.

Nearly half of the spaces in three city-owned parking garages will be not be available. The three parking structures affected will be the Downtown Plaza West (Third and L streets), Central (Fifth and J streets) and Downtown Plaza East (Seventh and J streets) garages.

Only the Seventh and K streets will be open for the Downtown Plaza East garage once construction begins. That garage stopped offering monthly parking passes on June 21.

The plan still calls for construction to finish in fall of 2016.

Streets in the area will also see some changes:

L Street

  • Three lanes will remain as all lanes shift to the left.
  • Bus stops on L Street (between Fifth and Seventh streets) will be relocated to Capitol Mall between Seventh and Eighth streets.

J Street

  • Bus stops won’t be impacted.
  • A temporary crosswalk will be installed at Eighth and J streets to accommodate pedestrian traffic. Upon completion of the project, the temporary crosswalk will be removed and the existing crosswalk will be reopened.
  • J Street’s south sidewalk (between Fifth and Sixth streets) will be closed so pedestrians should the north sidewalk.

Fifth Street:

  • Fifth Street’s east sidewalk (between J and L streets) will be closed so pedestrians should use the west sidewalk.
  • Fifth Street will lose one northbound lane, but one northbound bike lane will remain open and a southbound bike lane will be added.
  • Bridge will remain intact through demolition.

Seventh Street:

  • No changes.
  • NOTE: The City of Sacramento is starting a sewer project at Seventh and L streets in mid-late August 2014. This is separate from the ESC, and the City will provide the public regular updates.
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