SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — City leaders say an empty apartment building is more than just blight, it’s a drain on taxpayer dollars.

The property on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard just north of Fruitridge Road in Fair Oaks will be torn down after the city took legal action.

“Homeless people, drug dealers, whatever. They go in there, scavenge; they go in there, light fires,” said neighbor Edward Juarez. “There’s no telling what else goes on in there.”

He won’t have to worry much longer as the 15-unit apartment complex is about to be gone for good.

“We’re here today to do something very positive for this neighborhood and that’s about taking away a real big negative,” said Vice Mayor Jay Schenirer.

The building came on the city’s radar about two years ago when inspectors had to evict tenants, saying it wasn’t fit to be lived in. The city says the owner never brought the building up to code, and it attracted a number of problem.

“The property, last year alone, was the source of over 44 calls for police services,” said Sacramento Police Lt. Glen Faulkner. “It’s been involved in two major fires.”

Sacramento recently relaunched a program called Justice for Neighbors which gives the city legal tools to tackle blight.

The city sued and the building’s owner agreed to cover the $90,000 cost of demolition, which could start as soon as Thursday, as well as pay more than $30,000 in fines.

It’s unclear what if anything will go up in the building’s place.


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