YUBA CITY (CBS13) — Yuba City Police are preparing to crack down on speeding drivers on two streets residents say are prone to fast driving.

Drivers caught going over the limit on Clark Avenue just north of State Route 20 and Railroad Avenue north of Teesdale Road will have a choice if they’re caught—pay a $200 fine, or take a class and the fee will be dismissed.

Neighbors say drivers ignoring the 25 mph speed limit has been an ongoing problem.

Cecilia Austin and her two children live on one of the streets officer will be monitoring, and says speeding drivers are a constant issue.

“They’re only allowed to play in the back, because you never know when somebody is going to jump on the sidewalk,” she said.

Now Yuba City Police officers will be focused on the two streets where neighbors are concerned about the safety of their kids.

Police say they want students to walk away with better driving habits and understand the need for speed compliance on residential roads.

“I think if you’re more worried about a fine, you’re not going to do it,” Austin said.

Officers will concentrate on braking distance, vehicle load dynamics, bike and walker injuries and how to prevent accidents in the class.

The program begins in July.


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