SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — After more than a year since a regular episode, the BBC has set a premiere date for series 8 of Doctor Who.

The series, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, will kick off the Peter Capaldi era on Aug. 23. Capaldi, known for his work as a foul-mouthed civil servant on the BBC series “The Thick of It” and his role in 2013’s World War Z, will be taking the reins of the titular character after Matt Smith’s departure in last year’s Christmas special.

The Aug. 23 episode will be the start of the show’s 8th series since its revival in 2005. Doctor Who originally premiered in 1963 on the BBC and ran through 1989 when it was canceled. It was briefly revived in 1996 with a made-for-TV movie, but nobody speaks about that one, and it really squandered the talents of Paul McGann, seen here in the prequel for the 50th anniversary special.

The 50th anniversary celebration featured a one-day 3-D special that sold out theaters in the Sacramento area called “The Day of The Doctor.”

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