TURLOCK – Neighbors said the husband and wife from Red Oak Court would be the first two neighbors to check in and see if all of their neighbors were doing alright. To neighbors, there was no indication that anything was wrong within the couple’s own house.

“I was by myself the whole year last year and they were always offering to help me, because my husband was in Afghanistan,” said Norma Barajas.

“And they were always asking for him and seeing if I needed any help.”

Thursday night, a relative was concerned after not being able to reach the family and called Turlock Police.

“We came out to the location and found four subjects deceased,” said Officer Mayra Lewis.

The four people found were a 78 year-old man, a 69-year-old woman, a 42-year-old man, and a 39-year-old man. Their bodies were found in different rooms and there was evidence of arson. Police are investigating the deaths as a possible murder-suicide.

“It is believed that they had been in there deceased for at least a 24-hour period,” said Lewis.

Neighbors said the couple’s two adult sons lived with them; one was described as disabled. Neighbors said the can’t imagine who in the family is responsible.

“The husband just retired and you never heard any arguing or anything,” said Barajas.

“We had a yard sale here last Saturday and he was here at the yard sale and everything was normal.”

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