By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As the Sacramento Kings begin construction of their new downtown plaza arena, CBS13’s Steve Large reflected on the city’s checkered history with the location.

The test of time has shown Sacramento’s high hopes and dashed dreams for the location. As recently as 2011 the Hard Rock Cafe left with the hard times.

Sacramento historian Marcia Eymann has chronicled its ups and downs.

“It’s definitely been an area that at one time was very very successful, to not,” she said.

The mall’s most recent remodel was two decades ago in 1993. Video shows the excitement ahead of the grand opening as people glowed with anticipation.

The excitement was short lived as the revitalization didn’t last.

Stepping back further in the city’s historic collections, a folder of historic photos from 1963 shows when Macy’s first came to Sacramento, building on the spot that would eventually become the Downtown Plaza.

Then-Gov. Pat Brown even did the ribbon cutting as crowds came in the rain for the grand opening.

Macy’s drove a hard bargain with the city at the time, even forcing Interstate 5 to be built through downtown.

“They wanted the freeway traffic to be coming closer to their store,” Eymann said.

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