Monday on the Deuce and Jason Ross Show the guys talk about the Milwaukee Bucks new head coach….Jason Kidd? This morning Kidd signed a deal with the Bucks leaving Larry Drew without a job. The guys get listeners reaction and talk about Kidd’s reputation in the NBA.

The guys talk about the Giants falling hard after being swept in a four-game series over the weekend. They debate hitting the panic button and touch on what the Giants need to do.

Former Giants Pitcher Bill Laskey joins the show to talk about the Giants latest struggles. He talks about the Giants home field advantage and how it hasn’t been going their way this last month, he also touches on the starting pitching and how they need to be more consistent.

Sacramento Kings newest member Nik Stauskas arrived in Sacramento over the weekend. He toured the city and held an introduction press conference. The guys touch on Stauskas and what else the Kings need to do this off-season.


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