DAVIS (CBS13) — A Davis teen has found her niche in the kitchen, and by the looks of her sweet creations, she might be a big deal someday.

Serena Enzerink, 16, is the one who keeps her family’s sweet tooth satisfied.

After picking up a knack for baking a few years ago, friends and family started paying for her treats. Now she calls her word-of-mouth business ever so sweet.

“I think it was actually my grandma that actually first paid me to make a cake,” she said. “I didn’t ask her to, but she did.”

Her mom Anahita is proud of Serena, because from Day 1 she says Serena has done her own research and practice.

“All the cooking and baking is all her,” she said. “The only thing that i sometimes help with is washing the dishes.”

Serena picks up recipes and decoration tips online, then tweaks them to her own liking. The Davis High senior wants to go to college and major in business to keep her cake dreams alive.

“I’d just like to open up a really small bakery somewhere in a little town,” she said.

The oven in Mom and Dad’s kitchen is busy while balancing work and time on the rowing team.

“There were a lot of late nights of studying and then going to the kitchen, but i really enjoy it so it’s not like a chore, it’s just really fun,” Serena said.

She says she tries to keep her prices in line with what you’d find at another bakery, with a 15-person cake costing about $50.


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