SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Inflation will hit party plans for the Fourth of July weekend as the prices for fireworks food and fun have gone up in the year.

It’s a Fourth of July staple—slapping some meat on the grill. But numbers show your barbecue will cost more this year than in years past.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found a barbecue in 2007 would cost $55. That same barbecue will cost about $77 this year.

Experts say the main reason the cost is going up is meat.

“Beef, poultry and pork,” said Michael Marks. “All of it has gone sky high.”

So how can you get more bang for your buck this holiday? Marks recommends spending more money on sides like salads and fruit.

“I can look back to three years ago and pineapple prices were still $2.99,” he said.

Also, he’s seen cherry prices at less than $2 a pound.

Snacks have gone up in price too. Experts say wheat has gone up in price because of the drought, so things like hamburger and hot dog buns and potato chips will cost more.

“If you don’t have water, you don’t have food,” he said.

And that’s the reason meat prices have gone up as well. But by buying less meat and focusing more on sides and salads, the price of your holiday will go down.

But if you’re still looking to load up on meat for your Fourth of July barbecue, Marks says buying beef with a little more fat in it will also bring down your bill.

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