SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Cal Expo organizers say they are expecting 10,000 people to fill up the grandstands at the race track tonight.

“This is the crown jewel of the Fourth of July celebrations,” said Mike Knezovich of Pyro Spectaculars.

In fact, it’s the largest pyrotechnics display in the Sacramento area.

“We have almost 3,000 shells that will be lit-off here from Cal Expo,” said Jennifer Castleberry, Marketing Director at Cal Expo.

Three launching sites will pump out 850 high level fireworks.

The show will also feature more than 2,000 special effects and low-level fireworks.

“You definitely want to come down here and see the show,” Knezovich said.

Pyro Spectaculars is producing the Fourth of July show. The company has produced worldwide events like the Olympics, Super Bowls, and the Macy’s Parades.

“They’re world famous for doing major shows and competitions, and we have a branch here in Sacramento that we have been doing shows in the northern valley for many, many years – and many years to come,” Knezovich said.

One of the cool effects tonight will be how the fireworks show will be synchronized to Fourth of July country music.

“We have a show programmer that puts all the shells, all the effects to the music track and they send me a signal from there soundboard, hits my computer, sends the show up according to the music,” Knezovich said.

The gates open at 4:30 p.m. and the fireworks show starts at 9:30 p.m. The show is free of charge, although parking at Cal Expo costs $10.


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