SOLANO COUNTY (CBS13) – Between five and eight homes have been destroyed in the Solano County town of Collinsville.

The fire started in the grass around 2 p.m. Friday, according to Solano County dispatchers. The fire burned several homes and then jumped a road and burned homes, boats and vehicles on the other side.

Flames are being fanned by 20 mph winds.

“Everything’s gone; everything,” said one homeowner as he chuckled.

“Me and my mom go running through the house trying to figure out what happened and we see this fire in the field behind our house. So we were grabbing pots and pans, trying to get it out. And I was trying to grab what I could, trying to get my mom out. And my mom was going to the neighbors trying to get help,” said one resident.

She showed us some burn marks she received while she ran from her house.

“Yeah, it’s sad. I’m going to lose a lot of good neighbors. I know their houses are gone,” said a resident.

The town is comprised of about 16 homes.


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