By Steve Large

FOLSOM (CBS13) — Investigators say a high-priced prostitute from Folsom is now charged with murdering a husband and father on his own yacht.

They allege Alix Tichelman, 26, gave businessman Forrest Hayes an intentional overdose of heroin and let him die, while she was sipping wine.

“She was so callous that she literally stepped over the victims body and finish her glass of wine as the victim is laying there dying at her feet,” said Santa Cruz deputy police chief Steve Clark.

The crime happened in November, but the 26-year-old suspect was just arrested on Friday.

Tichelman’s Facebook profile shows her pouty, pierced lips and laser stare, but her mug shot shows a woman staring at a lengthy prison sentence following a murder arrest that has even stunned police.

Investigators say there is surveillance video that shows the whole thing.

“It shows the suspect injecting the victim with the heroin. It shows him starting to have medical complications,” Clark said. “It shows her cleaning up the crime scene, cleaning up her belongings.”

At her home, where her parents also live, a neighbor put up a sign telling reporters to stay away. The door at the home appears to be kicked in.

Police say a search warrant was served on the same day Tichelman was arrested in Santa Cruz on a police sting.

Santa Cruz Police say this may not be the only issue, as Tichelman is under investigation in a separate, but similar case out of state.

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