Tuesday on The Deuce and Jason Ross Show the guys talk about the Bay Bridge series and why the A’s look so good.

A’s Analyst Shooty Babitt joins the show to talk about the Bay Bridge Series and the A’s latest roster changes. He talks about the atmosphere in the ball park and talks about Jesse Chavez preforming last night and why the A’s making some changes with their bullpen helped. When Shooty was asked who the best player in Bay area baseball is right now he answered with “Yoenis Cespedes, he reminds me of Willie May.”

TRUTH OR TRASH Tuesday! Morgan read statements like: Donaldson is the best player in the Bay Area, Cousins will make the USA basketball team and Drake will be a good host of the ESPY’s. Deuce & J-Ross debate and fans help too to determine what’s truth and what’s trash.


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