By: Morgan Ragan

“Just a kid from Akron, Ohio,” LeBron James said after winning back-to-back NBA Championships and NBA Finals MVP awards with the Miami Heat.

James started his career in the NBA with the Cleveland Cavaliers and after seven seasons he decided it was time to make a change and take his talents to South Beach so he could play with the Miami Heat.

After much success in Miami, he is once again a free agent with, once again, a big decision to make.

Here are five reasons why James should play in Cleveland next season.

1. Family is Where The Heart is.

James on Wednesday had a meeting with the Miami Heat without making a decision on whether or not he will continue his NBA career there. It was reported that he wants to talk with his family before making a decision. He grew up 45 minutes away from Cleveland with his entire family, his heart is in Ohio and always will be.


Speaking of Ohio…Cleveland is the 45th largest city in the U.S and is located in northeastern Ohio on the southern shore of Lake Erie. That’s right, one of the five Great Lakes. Sure it may snow in the winter, but it just makes the city more dynamic. Free agents might not see Cleveland as a desirable destination, but if James is playing there they can tolerate the snow.

3. The Fans

“The Decision” was not exactly the best way for James to leave the people of Cleveland. Although most Cavalier fans say they wouldn’t accept James back, I’m sure after an NBA championship or two they would start warming up to him again just fine and he could finish his career in the NBA they way he started: being loved by his hometown fans.

4. Kevin Love

Love wants out of Minnesota and the Cavs are clearing up cap space to bring in both Love and James if James chooses to leave Miami. The Cavs are not only showing James they’re willing to do almost anything to make this happen, they’re actually taking initiative and lining up deals to clear cap space.

5. And They Lived Happily Ever After, The End.

If James chose to end up in his home state where he grew up playing the sport he loves, this entire story would be a fairytale ending for the sports world and for the city of Cleveland. He once promised to end the championship drought for his hometown and that still can happen.


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