SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Front Street Animal Shelter is looking for the owner of a mutilated dog found wandering the streets.

The 5-month-old doberman named Heidi was found by a stranger in a Del Paso Heights neighborhood and has since become a social-media magnet as the shelter tries to find her a new home.

“We have seen this before,” said Gina Knapp, the shelter’s manager. “It hurts my heart and it’s not okay.”

They believe Heidi is the victim of some sort of crude, home cosmetic surgery to enhance her image.

“We’re presuming it’s a crop job,” she said. “That’s what it looks like according to our vet.”

The procedure involves cutting the dog’s ears, and should only be performed by a vet, if at all.

“It’s not something you can do at home,” Knapp said. “It’s against the law to practice veterinary medicine in your garage.”

Once word got out on the shelter’s Facebook page, it was flooded with people interested in adopting the puppy.

Currently, Heidi is staying with a foster dog owner who just happens to be caring for another abused and rescued doberman.

The shelter is asking for anyone with information about Heidi’s original owner to contact them. That owner could face felony animal cruelty charges if caught.

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